Welcome to Drs. Masuoka Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Laurence Masuoka, DMD, and Dr. Marleen Masuoka, DDS practice all aspects of general dentistry including dental implant restorations, children’s dentistry, and cosmetic dental procedures. We offer state of the art technology including digital imaging. We enjoy treating patients of all ages.

This brother/ sister team has been in practice together in Fair Oaks since 1995.

Our Philosophy 

Your health, comfort, and convenience are foremost in our minds. We strive to learn as much as possible about you as an individual. Being familiar with your interests and attitudes allows us to better understand and treat the whole person and not just the teeth. It is only through mutual understanding and communication that the most effective and long lasting treatment can be administered.

Mutual Goals

The mouth is our means of eating, speaking, and showing emotion. It is also a major factor in our general appearance. In the diseased state it can cause generalized poor health, pain and infection, and even personality changes. Most people want to have comfortable and attractive teeth, the ability to chew well, and to keep their own teeth all of their lives. All of these things are possible with careful planning. Therefore, we try to establish mutual long-range dental goals and begin working toward them.

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